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BMFI have been using the Inter-Ject  Fuel System Servicing Technique for over 25 years. For the last 19 years we have also been involved in Teaching and supporting other workhops, not just in NSW but in other States of Australia.


If you are a workshop wanting to get involved in doing your own Fuel Injection and Fuel System Servicing, give Harry a call anytime on 0412 399 553; 

Our success and subsequent customer satisfaction, is due to our Interject chemicals cleaning the injectors and the inlet valves to ensure good engine breathing. 
The benefits of "On the engine Injector Cleaning" we also call  a complete "Fuel System Service" provides:-
  • Better fuel economy
  • Increased power
  • More torque
  • Cleans the fuel rail and fuel lines, & fuel tank
  • Longer engine life
  • Exhaust emissions can be reduced
  • Saves you money
  • Prolongs fuel pump life
We also recommend that you use InterJect (used to be labelled Interjectron) (Fuel Tank Additive) in your "Fuel Injected" vehicle every 6 months or 10,000kms (every 3 mths if you use Ethanol) to prevent problems with water or fuel contamination, to help maintain it, and insure that it costs you less, and lasts much longer.
Special WARNING in regards to using Ethanol Blended fuel:- Due to Ethanol having an affinity to moisture, using ethanol in an older Fuel Injected car may produce problems as there will be moisture in the bottom of the fuel tank(this is a normal situation, due to the tank being vented to atmosphere and moisture gets in when the fuel is being used) Simply add 2 bottles now, and use a bottle of Interject every 3 months or 5,000kms.......Don't get caught with a rusted fuel system as the fuel company won't pay for the it is hard to prove where you bought fuel from (exclusively)

Just use Interject... and water contamination and damage from ethanol will be a thing of the past.
"We do not recommend the use of ethanol based fuels in early cars where cork gaskets are in the fuel system, say the fuel pump etc. and as a general rule, to be safe, if it's a carburettor use only  Premium fuel"
EFI or Electronic Fuel Injection
Modern vehicles are designed to produce less pollution. This has been accomplished by means of EFI, and the modern day vehicle does not have a traditional carburettor. EFI may seem to be more complicated, but in fact they have a simple structure. They usually give many years of trouble free operation, BUT, It is important to observe some basic maintenance procedures. This is where Inter-Ject can help you, and it can save you rnoney.
How EFI works
The brain of the EFI system is an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) This unit analyses the sensors on the engine, and it alters the timing of the injector openings, depending on the conditions outside ie. cold start, acceleration etc...MP or Multi Point is the most common type of system used. Each intake port has its own injector. 
Advances in fuel injection computer technology has made engines even more efficient, but it doesn't matter what type of computer control there is, we are still having to deal with (at times) substandard fuel quality or contamination...
"Using InterJect on a regular basis will enhance the way the fuel behaves and is burned in the combustion chamber."
 Interject is also great in Carbi cars and diesel engines... call Harry or Brad and discuss your concerns with them.
The Interject Twin Flow Machine with Fuel Flow being highlighted on right.  
A photo of bad contamination that has got past the fuel filter into the fuel rail and caused problems with the injector filter baskets. 
An example of blocked injectors due to deteriorating Fuel rail and contamination having got past the fuel filter. 
Above animation of the Interject machine connected to the fuel rail to test for flow as well as pressure.. under normal operating conditions. 
EFI Fuel Filter
This is you first defence against polluted fuel. Its very important that you change this filter regularly.
The idea of the fuel filter is to remove the destructive contaminants before it gets a chance to get to your injection system. 
Very common EFI problems
The worst problem is contaminants reaching the injectors, or water in the fuel system. This can cause poor behaviour which will affect economy and give high pollution readings. Some of the problems include:
  • Solids entering the fuel during filling the tank
  • Condensation produced due to normal tank venting.
  • Using contaminated drums for storing of fuel
  • Tarnish build up
  • Running low on fuel or running out of fuel.
  • Neglected injectors causing misfire due to lean running
Inter-Ject can fix the problem
To help clear tarnish and build up of deposits, use the Inter-Ject additive regularly (every 6 mths or 10,000kms), (every 3months if you use Ethanol) and have our comprehensive "Fuel System Service" done every 2 years or 30,000kms or when problems come up, like missing or poor behaviour.
The Inter-Ject Fuel System Service is also effective on Diesel engines, where good engine breathing due to cleaning the intake valves will reduce smoking, and improve engine performance. (Check out the procedure & info in the servicing sections below)
Technical Information Resources:-
If you are a workshop and want to become an InterJect Reseller or Service Centre, OR... you have one of these machines, not being utilysed (as mechanics come and go), we want to help provide quality training and support to your current staff. we also have a low cost CD available with tech Info that can be printed out
please give Harry a call on 0412 399 553,
and have a look at more detailed information on the Interject website:-  
 All the Interject MSDS information is available there as well:-
"Extract from the Inter-ject Site"
"The Inter-Ject fuel tank additives and diagnostic equipment are the solution to all fuel system faults and problems. It is unlike any other system available on the market place. Inter-Ject is the only system that treats the entire fuel system from tank to combustion chamber. "

and... "In all hydrocarbon fuels, (petrol, and diesel), small proportions of Sulphur Dioxide are present. When Sulphur Dioxide comes into contact with moisture, unavoidable in any fuel system, they combine to produce minute quantities of sulphurous acid. This causes formation of corrosion, resin, and carbon. Inter-Ject chemicals neutralise acid, suspend water, and remove resin and carbon. Restricted airflow, due to resin and carbon, is the single most important reason for lack of engine performance. The Inter-Ject system allows the technician to turn a normal tune into an environmentally friendly tune, which reduces vehicle emissions."

Do you have any questions? Contact us via email here!
New Fixed Single perspex cover protects the system flow and Injector flow units. 
Back of new twin flow unit 2009 modification 
The above 2 photos show the LB291-2F flow unit with a new perspex front cover replacing the existing 2 slide on covers that tended to deteriorate with the fuel etc.
Using the machine without flow meter protection could be costly if you bump the flow glasses and they develop a crack and leak.
(We do have replacements and can refurbish your existing machine with 12 months guarantee)...  (conditions apply)
P.S. If the equipment is not used for some time the "O" rings tend to harden up and may leak... They might stop leaking once the hot fuel swells the "o" rings, but this is a sign that they really need replacing and we have kits available for these, please give us a call... 0412 399 553 (Harry)
If you have one of the old Interject Machine's just sitting around collecting dust you are potentially throwing away money. We can show you how to service and look after your customers who will be glad you took the trouble to encourage them to have a "Fuel System Service" done on their car.
With todays Ethanol Fuels, the need for "Fuel System Servicing" is greater than ever.
Also promoting the use of the Interject chemicals is so important to be able to prevent rusting of the fuel system..
Don't leave your customers satisfaction to chance...
Be the one to promote Interject and really look after them. Call us today!

If you havn't had a chance to become familiar with InterJect, you might not know that you can easily overcome water in the fuel tank by just adding InterJect. Removal of fuel tanks to overcome this problem is not required.