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Synthetic oils is our choice with the servicing we provide and we do regard Penrite Full Synthetic to be the pick of the crop. We find that with people who use their cars infrequently, that we can extend the oil change time from 6 to 12 months, with using the Full Synthetic engine oil. Come and speak with us so that we can explain the benefits. Also the better anti wear benefits of Synthetics is hard to argue against.


Also the best anti wear especially in diesel engines is provided by our Tin Fuel Catalysts.... ...."Fuelmate" check out the Fuelmate section!


We will be closed from 25th December including Christmas Day to 2nd of January 2020. We are wishing all our customers and our friends the very best for the Festive Season, may everyone be safe and happy at this special time.

Due to the recent Bushfires we have decided to close for Christmas Eve as well so we will only be here for Monday 23 Dec.



Nulon Teflon engine and component treatment for gearboxes and diffs etc. This product works so well in preventing wear and friction as it coats the metal to create a smoother surface that helps in getting longer engine or component life.



We have recently introduced Liquid Intelligence products with specail oils to improve Hydraulic lifter performance, Stop leak and oil seal Improvers (softens seals and improves their sealing ability), Hydraulic oil leaks seal expander, etc.


We only ever use the best filters, OEM or better quality, and our ongoing use and promotion of Interject keeps our customers happy and coming back for us to look after them. We don't take our customers for granted, as we know just like the local restaurant that has to serve up a nice dinner everytime they have a patron, we are also aware that each and every time we work on your car, the job has to be spot on.