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About Blue Mountains Fuel Injection & Brad's Garage   




We are in the middle of very trying times dealing with the Corona Virus and more than ever you need someone to trust to look after your vehicle and Brad and his team are the one that can advise and look after you.  


Here is a basic overview of our business and our history. You may feel confident that you are dealing with professionals, and that we really care about you as a customer. We will do everything possible to help you and genuinely look after you, as we look forward to a continued relationship. We really love what we do and when you deal with us, I am sure that you will feel this for yourself. We have also developed a way of making your engine last much longer, and we can achieve twice as much engine life as was thought previously possible, speak with us. You will SAVE money and enjoy your car more!
The workshop we had in Katoomba (which was also run by Brad since 2008) represented Harry's son, Brad's own desire to have a Dyno there in the Blue Mountains, to go further with their Fuel Injection expertise, for better tuning and Performance work. Brad has continued this service here at Lithgow ...
"Having the vehicle on the dyno gives us the chance to test in real-life situations which is more difficult on the road. We are also able to simulate test conditions, where a vehicle only plays up under load, say towing a caravan, 
Brad  third Generation of Mechanics looking after various motorists.  His Dad Harry, having formerly been in Charge of Fred Holzmann's (Brad's Grandfather) Mazda Dealership at Medlow Bath for many years
We moved to Katoomba in June Of 2005 (after the dealership was sold to the Macarthur Family by Harry's Father, Fred) and we are now in Lithgow since March 2011, seen us further cement our relationship with other workshops (and the general public) with our Fuel Injection but to also market our FuelMate Fuel Catalysts. Only those that have had a Fuelmate fitted, can really know the improvements gained. Take the opportunity to speak with any one of these or Brad and Harry and ask about the 6 month money-back 
Brad's  Dad, Harry had been involved in the Transport industries with the original Fuelstar Catalyst, and also with their new improved FuelMate Catalysts, and the initial feedback has been very encouraging. Our Manufacturer, "Fuel Dynamics" has been instrumental with on-going testing and after-sales customer satisfaction, and it is why we are very happy to be marketing the Aussie FuelMate Catalysts... we provide, 6 months guarantee of Satisfaction, read about them in the FuelMate Section.
Harry is very proud of what they have both been able to achieve and it's great to look back at Brad's early grounding in being the best technician he can be with earning the prestigious Mazda Apprentice of the year award in Sydney and being presented, with his award, by cricketer Steve Waugh 29 years ago, at the special Mazda awards Ceremony
Having started our new venture in Lithgow in March 2011, we look forward to looking after the local customers here in Lithgow. Any suggestion as to how we can improve our service to you is always welcome, as well as the good feedback that we strive for

 Please call our numbers in case you have an emergency After Hours,  and if we are about we may be able to help?

                 Harry 0412 399 553; Brad 0404 490 604;


Not Doing rego checks on Saturdays!, at this stage please call us.


 We hear stories all the time about how owners who know nothing about cars are disadvantaged when they get a rego check done. This is not the case with most reputable workshops and indeed with us. There are so many women that enjoy dealing with us, as we always treat them right, (as well as guys who don't know about cars). Looking after your car is our job and we always hope to do good work. Being in Lithgow is great, as so many of our customers recommended us to their friends and Family


Ask for a reminder sticker for your NEXT REGO DUE to help you remember when your next rego is due when you get a rego check with us

Fleet , StateFleet & SG Fleet Approved Repairer & Services

Having a vast range of experience, we can cater to and service most makes and models, If your vehicle is cared for by a different fleet company to the ones above, please call us as we may be able to arrange to look after you as well.

The size of the business has changed over the years with staff numbers as high as 5 mechanics at times, but we have always aspired to deal with the highest ethics when it comes to our customers, and we have never wanted to be the cheapest mechanics, but to deliver quality repairs at a realistic cost. Today it is more important than ever to be able to trust in your mechanic.




This workshop represents a specialized workshop dedicated to Engine performance and the best economy. Harry doesn't like the notion that they are better than anybody else, " it's just that our experience with Fuel Injection and problem diagnostics has been skills that have been acquired over many years. Sorting out the problem is often a mindset and insight of the knowledge of the fuel injection systems ."




Both Brad and I have taught Fuel System Servicing Techniques" to other  and in Tech Colleges, having marketed and used the InterJect equipment for over 35 years. We also belong to the INTER-JECT network of mechanics sharing information that helps with finding answers to those tricky problems. There is heaps of confusion on the internet about the need for fuel system servicing and we can state categorically that our customers are happy about how good their cars are going and regard our services as really worthwhile. Speak with Brad about your concerns and how we can look after you. We are  mechanics with many years of experience under our belts and everything we do being  of being the best service for you!!  We want to state that you don't need to know anything about cars to get treated right when you speak with us. We  to look after you.

WE have recently rescued our special 1800 724 007 number and when you call it, you will be directed to Harry Holzmann...

Please call 1800 724 007 for all matters about FuelMate, Interject or IJ Servicing Chemicals...



Brad and Harry can also provide Pre-Purchase, or After-Purchase inspections, for people who are purchasing a vehicle from either a or another source. Pre-Purchase and After-Purchase inspections should start with a basic inspection, and includes a safety check, or a more comprehensive inspection (including fuel system analysis) for more expensive vehicles, and all inspections can come with a written report.

 Do you have any questions? Contact us today!

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