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Blue Mountains Fuel Injection & Brad's Garage   Dyno Workshop run by Brad Holzmann... 168 Bells Rd. Lithgow (Opposite the Wrecking Yard) 02 6351 3666


Temporary suspended rego checks and work on  Saturdays, please call Harry 0412 399 553
We now do Blue Slips Thursday to Friday (Please Call us).. 

If you are going away for a holiday break, have it serviced, or at  least checked over, as it really does benefit you for peace of mind and  ensuring that you don't break down. It's Low-Cost Insurance.


We are available to help with your friends or Family visiting our area and in trouble...

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 Please call our numbers in case you have an emergency (after Hours,) and if we are about we may be able to help?

                 Harry 0412 399 553; Brad 0404 490 604;

Brad Holzmann is the specialist at using the Dyno, and he can Save You Money..... How?


With the Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer...
This is similar to a treadmill, except it's for vehicles. The idea is to simulate real road conditions, as when you drive uphill or when towing a trailer, etc. Engines behave differently under these conditions and we can then test after a repair to verify it's fixed. We are able to get real figures relating to performance and economy when using this equipment. We can ensure the tuning will be the best it can be.


Dyno Tuning versus Standard Tuning
A standard tune is not capable of determining the best settings for your vehicle, especially when under load. Typically a standard tune is set to average settings, and this May not be the best one for your vehicle. It is also unreliable as it may not give you the best economy on the road, if the engine receives too much fuel under load or when cruising. We can also test to see if the engine is leaning out under load, where engine damage can occur if not rectified.


Dyno Tuning Saves Money
If you correctly identify a problem earlier, It can save you money in the long run. Why wait until it's too late! Service your vehicle regularly, and you will see the better economy, and more performance and reliability.

Brad and the team and Dyno at a special event


Components that need service or can be checked:-

  • Spark plugs
  • Injectors
  • Fuel pressure regulators
  • Carburetors
  • Fuel pumps (pressure & Flow)
  • Air to fuel ratios
  • Electronic sensors
  • Turbochargers
  • Fuel quality


We can service all of these components in a manner. Contact Brad or Harry today to discuss your needs.

WE have recently rescued our special 1800 724 007 number and when you call it, you will be directed to Harry Holzmann...

Please call 1800 724 007 for all matters about FuelMate, Interject or IJ Servicing Chemicals, and our DataMechanic Workshop Program.

Also now, fleet StateFleet & SG Fleet Approved Repairer & Services 

If your vehicle is managed by a different Fleet Service, contact us as we may be able to Service it as well.


Lubrication Services...

We always use Engine oil Flush to get rid of dirty oil, before the new oil goes in.

We recommend Full Synthetic Oils for better wear protection and prolonged oil changes,

We always use Interject Fuel System Additives for Petrol and Diesel engines to ensure a clean system.

Please let us know of any odd behavior especially cold start problems, as we won't know that you are having a problem, because it will be hot when we see the vehicle?

Your satisfaction and recommendation to your family and  are what we strive for!


Fuel Injection Servicing...We now call this "Fuel System Servicing"


The reason why we consider the Interject Fuel Injection Test & Service equipment is because it is the best for diagnosing all methods of fuel injections. We can also perform "ON THE VEHICLE FUEL INJECTION CLEANING" and "FUEL SYSTEM SERVICING"  of your vehicle and service and maintain it too. 
Note:- Diesel engines particularly respond well to the Fuel System Servicing with the chemical removing carbon from the inlet valves by introducing it via the inlet manifold.
Cost at our workshop for (Petrol) 4 Cyl is $270.00, 6 cyl is $295.00 and V8's for $320.00
We  that you will feel the difference after the "FUEL SYSTEM SERVICE".
More details of this servicing  covered in the "INTERJECT" area.

Western Sydney Interject Training Facility...

We used to have regular teaching seminars to do with the InterJect Servicing techniques and it was quite popular just a few years ago... We are going to get these happening again... If we get  of 6 participants we will put on a Saturday afternoon Training Seminar, here at our Dyno Workshop in Lithgow. Cost is $240.00 per person, and it comes complete with handouts and notes that you can use back in your workshop. And we also provide refreshments!
Register your interest with us by calling harry on 0412 399 553, or Brad on 0404 490 , or leave a
message on our workshop phone.. 02 6351 3666 if we are away from the office.


We can overhaul most types of Carbis or EFI Fuel Systems, and then ensure the very best on the Dyno

Restoration Services...

All types of restoration services pertaining to mechanical work with engine swaps & modifications, gearbox changes, suspension improvements etc. etc. call us to discuss your needs... Contact (email) or call Brad on 0404 490 604 and discuss your needs.


As an MVRIC & approved workshop we are able to do your Regular Log Book Servicing on your new vehicle and keeping your new car warranty intact. Come to us if you have purchased a vehicle in Penrith/Sydney or Bathurst, as it would be more convenient to have your services done locally. We can record our service for you in your Service .

Go to our contact page to book a car for service On-Line...

Contact Us

Our Journey and experience with Diesel Improvements....

Electronic control with Common Rail Diesel Engines is well documented. You can get better performance and economy from all makes and there are a few really good enhancements in the market place....

As we have always been interested to providing the very best to our customers we had been head hunted by an organistion in Queensland having developed what they believe to be the very best of Diesel modules, branded as Diesel Smart, developed by Supercar Performance. They want us to help them promote this product due to our unwavering ambition to provide only the best quality products to our customers.

We will never be compromised on providing a product just to make a few extra bucks. Getting involved in 2012, we have been very impressed, especially the 10 year warranty on the module. Our intention was to evaluate this product ourselves and, to publishing our findings as they come to hand.

Please call us if you have been thinking about improving your modern diesel engine.


We are also impressed with being able to provide a stainless steel performance exhaust system for your diesel that will give on average 10kw more power but also comes with a 10 year guarantee!!


Call us to discuss your needs!!


Also... check out their website at  and have a look at what they are able to achieve. We can ensure full protection with the EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) feedback system that monitors the engine performance and provide new car warranty.


We had Mike come and spend some time with us here at Lithgow on his way back to Queensland (after doing a major show in Melbourne) and personally tweaked one of our customers Triton's, and gave us an insight into how to get the best from the Diesel Smart Modules. That was in 2012;

Thanks Mike for going to the extra trouble. It's given us a huge boost in confidence that we will be able to provide the very best result for our customers here in Lithgow.


Update on our involvement with Diesel Smart Modules for Supercar performance....

As of January 2013, we will be concentrating on marketing the Diesel Smart Modules... There's nothing wrong with DP Chip, and we have clients who have had a chance to try these, but the results speak for themselves... Diesel Smart offers 10 Year warranty on their modules, Full  Drivetrain Warranty, Extra protection and monitoring via EGT (Exhaust Gas temperature) feedback to the module.

Speak with us today and organise your own unique experience and satisfaction of having your common rail diesel gain the very best performance as well as a bit of extra economy.


Fitting up with a Fuelmate "Tin Catalyst" also adds to the experience and provides fantastic anti wear especially as we can only buy low sulphur diesel!...(using Premium Diesel is an advantage, but that's another story)


Fuelmate and Diesel Smart.. What a great combination All our products and Services are guaranteed!Give it a try and you be the judge!


Footnote on Diesel Smart...

Since September 2016, and we have had quite a few success stories to share, and we are extremely happy with the results and especially the satisfaction from our customers.

Come and speak with us, and try a Diesel Smart module for yourself.

Call 0404490604 for Brad, 0412 399 553 for Harry and 02 6351 3666 for the workshop.


Both Fuelmate and Diesel Smart come with total satisfaction or money back Guarantee.. How good is that?