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Give us a chance to check out your recent purchase and give your new pride and joy a service and dyno run, for the special price of $495.00. This makes sure that it will behave and keep going the best it can, checking the important air/fuel ratio while on the dyno. Check out our service page to find out what we do during the service, always using an oil flush, using Full Synthetic engine oil and Interject Fuel System Chemicals. Best Value and long term benefits.
Don't forget....  We also offer a pre-purchase inspection that may prove beneficial for those that love the driving experience but have no mechanical apptitude or just want a second opinion!
Took our Dyno down to the Museum of Fire in Penrith on Saturday
27th November 2010,  for the MOPAR Rumble... 
everyone seemed to enjoy the day!
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At Kandos Street Machine event in January 2006
Mini Moke going through the paces at Penrith Panthers

Front view of the Moke with Brad entering Info into the Dyno Console.

Our Sign outside the tent set up at the Panthers site in Penrith.

Testing and fine tuning Of Ray Healey's Commodore at the Katoomba Workshop

Ray's Car outside our old premises at Katoomba

Sometimes Tying the front wheel drive cars on can be a little tricky
The Gangs all here
Some Photos from the weekend's activities for Australia Day at Kandos... around 2008-2009? 

Green Torana going through it's paces on the Dyno at Kandos, with the owner in passenger seat, so Brad can explain what he is doing.

Brad strapping the car in on the Dyno

Just an example of a rear wheel drive vehicle tied to the dyno.
Glenn West with his very fast side car at Kandos Street Machine Show in 2007
Organising another vehicle to run on the dyno at the recent cruise for Charity
Katoomba Performance Centre was the previous name associated with the Dyno activities... now called "BRAD'S GARAGE"
We attracted a huge crowd and the organisers of the event were very happy to have Brad and the dyno and his team contribute to the success of the "Cruise for Charity" again this year
Look for the Street Commodores (issue No. 162) with the Special "Workshop Feature" promoting Brad and the team in appreciation for them contributing to this years success.

These photos show Brad and the team contributing to the previous Cruises For Charity in Sydney through the Street Commodores Magazine who do this event for Charity for many years.

The upcoming event at St. Ives Showground should be the best ever... being the 9th year that Street Commodores has been the major organiser of this very special event. Brad and his team of helpers are very happy to be part of this event. They are looking forward to catching up with people that have been before as well as new cruisers.


St Ives event was the last one that we contributed to, after many years of providing the dyno free of charge the complications with insurances and business prevented us from continuing on with this. We want to thank the people involved with Street Commodores magazine for inviting us and Brad and the team enjoyed the challenge.

More of the crowd at Cruise For Charity in Sydney, sponsored by Street Commodores

We attracted a huge crowd and the organisers of the event were very happy to have Brad and the dyno and his team contribute to the success of the "Cruise for Charity" again this year