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Brad's Mobile 0404 490 604 - Harry's Mobile 0412 399 553

Doing rego checks and minor services now on Saturdays only by appointment! Please Call us!


We are doing our level best to look after our customers and their cars and our staff in these trying times and our service has not slowed down at all.


 For Urgent rego's call Harry on 0412 399 553, and if he is available, he would be happy to help.    



We are also available for any emergencies .. If we can, we will try and help with your friends or Family visiting our area and in trouble... Just Call Us

If you are going away for a holiday break, have your vehicle serviced, or at least checked over, as it really does benefit you for peace of mind and ensuring that you don't break down .. It's Low Cost Insurance.

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm

If you have an urgent need call Harry 0412 399 553 and we will try to help.


Lithgow Workshop Phone
02 6351 3666

Brads Garage Fax
02 6352 5020

0404 490 604

0412 399 553

Residence (Harry & Cathy Holzmann)
18 Lockyer St. Lithgow 2790

Phone - Residential
02 6352 3354

Fax - Residential... Home/Office
02 6352 3351


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