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What's For Sale at Brad's Garage:

It's now over 9  years  since we moved from Katoomba!

Now at 168 Bells Rd. Lithgow 2790  Call us on 02 6351 3666
We have heaps of Parts for Holden Commodores, Ford,  and early V8 stuff, etc.



Brad is getting a good reputation for being able to fix Holden Commodores as well as Fords. In  fact,  He is gaining a reputation for wanting to look after people, even to the point that problems that come up late on Friday afternoon will be attended to if possible. Our Customers are always considered first and we are prepared to go the extra distance to look after them.


Call Brad on 0404 490 604 for advice or to find that part!

or the workshop No. 02 6351 3666


"Click on any images for them to open up in detail"

Holden 308 Heads

Holden 308 Cranks etc.

More 308 Cylinder Heads

Holden 308 Block and Crank ready for reconditioning

 Pictures above of various V8 cylinder heads and Cranks for 253-308 holden V8 engines etc. All heads can be supplied in various stages of reconditioned, etc. same for the cranks, etc.

We have engine blocks, sumps, manifolds, call us to find out what we can supply to you.

Clicking on the above images will open them up in much better resolution.


We are constantly finding cars for our customers and if you have a particular

Make and Model that you would like to have, please

call Brad on 0404 490 604


We are very happy for you to have your mechanic or family friend help you check out anything we may have to offer. We are always interested in looking after people and believe that what comes round goes round. We always enjoy the good Karma that comes with caring, and want to keep this positive vibe at our Lithgow Shop.
We are very happy to be here at Lithgow and look forward to providing local people with many and varied benefits.
Speak with Brad on 0404 490 604 and Harry on 0412 399 553;
Don't just buy a vehicle if you have limited knowledge about cars...
Ask for help! ..... Get support from a Friend, or family member... or....us,
We can offer a professional Vehicle Inspection Service that would help you to ensure the money you spend is a worthwhile investment... Just $75.00 for an inspection with a verbal report, or we can do a written report for  $130.00. Engine Compression test is extra and charged at normal workshop rates. the general test is visual only, without dismantling the car, but a more comprehensive check can be undertaken at any time.
        Call Brad or Harry on 02 6351 3666
"Click on any images for them to open up in detail"
Brad's Mobile 0404 490 604; Harry's Mobile 0412 399 553






Our ute on Display at Lithgow Show.


Ask for a reminder sticker for your NEXT REGO DUE to help you remember when

your next rego is due when you get a rego check with us.