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Fuelmate "Tin" Fuel Catalyst

Save money and provide much better protection, Guaranteed!!

Better performance and economy... as stated by our customers.. 

"we get an extra 100 kms per tank full with a Fuelmate on our Hilux!" 

another comment:-

"Who would have thought that in just one hour, the behaviour and savings could be so good"  

It's this sort of feedback, that keeps us striving to explain the benefits to any of our potential clients!

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Fuelmate provides best protection for diesel:-

Low Sulphur diesel causes wear problems due to less Lubricity. The new diesel is great for the environment, and it's why the government has introduced it. FuelMate is the way of creating fantastic extra life in any engine, but especially good in diesel

Harry & Brad have been involved with Fuel Catalysts for over 18 years now, originally with Fuelstar and due to the early results and the benefits shown, the better design and subsequent improvements has led to them marketing the FuelMate Catalyst developed by Fuel Dynamics, here in Sydney.
Recent publicity in regards to the testing and perceived benefits of fuel saving devices by the Trade Practices Office, has led to FuelMate being given the green light, whereas some others have been asked to remove them from the Market.
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For the Technically minded:- The Fuelmate Fuel Catalyst is a device that when bolted to the engine, and with vibration (engine movement) produces very fine particles of tin (0.1 micron) that enhances the behaviour of fuel when being burnt in the engine. The performance benefits of "Tin" in the combustion process is well documented and the behaviour is even better than the "lead" provided years ago, all with a much cleaner burn that enhances our environment.
Your vehicle may be your 2nd most important investment Contact us today, for more information, and save money every day!!
What can you expect from a Fuelmate Fuel Catalyst or Diesel Fuel Catalyst:-
  • Increased torque
  • Better fuel economy
  • Lowers Toxic Exhaust emissions
  • Prolonged engine life
  • Converts leaded engines to run on unleaded fuel
  • More power
    (no pinging)
  • 5 year / 500,000 kms kms Manufacturers Warranty
  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
  • Suits Petrol, diesel & LPG

Fuel Economy
Most users report back to us that they are getting far better fuel economy. The best benefits achieved does depend on your driving habits and engine design, and you will be surprised what can be achieved!.
Power & Torque
Most Dyno studies reveal an immediate improvement when fitted and even better after 1000 kilometres. Torque is also increased in the Mid Range and being very noticeable, as reported to us by our customers. With some installations that are done on older engines, there could be a lot of carbon build up, which could take 3-4,000kms to clear out but once this happens, the resulting improved power and economy is very noticeable.
Cleaner Engines
The Fuel Catalyst process removes carbon build up and prevents it from reforming. Improved combustion reduces contamination entering the engine oil. This can result in longer engine life. Moreover, Diesel Fuel Catalyst save money and much better protection is Guaranteed.
Lower Emissions
Better combustion means less waste. It has been proved that by fitting a fuel catalyst to the engine, that it can reduce toxic exhaust emissions. Minimising the toxic emissions helps the environment and protects our health.
Engine Protection
The Tin Alloy released from the Fuel Catalyst, during combustion turns to an oxide which coats the entire combustion chamber including the valves, preventing metal to metal contact. Valve mating surfaces in older cars are protected, which enables the engine to run on unleaded fuel while later engines will also benefit from the catalyst, providing excellent protection against valve wear.
(we have on display at the workshop 2 valves from the race bike belonging to Mick Muldoon at Bathurst, clearly showing the anti wear benefits, even in the demanding race engine). Come and check it out, it's really amazing.
The benefits for diesel engines is also exceptional with the modern low sulphur diesel fuel suffering a lubrication problem... NOT WITH A FUELMATE FITTED... Unreal protection with cost savings as well as better performance. This is the best ANTI-WEAR product on the market. Give it a try yourself, You will be convinced and we help people to make up their minds with our 6 Months Money Back Guarantee!
Independent Testimonials from different owners at Productreview:-
Harry says "TIN Fuel Catalysts and especially FUELMATE is the best engine protection product to come along in my automotive career" and given that we get better Performance as well as Economy, Fuelmate is a real winner

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Negative Comments about Fuelmate:-

It is not really surprising to see some negative comments about the benefits of the FuelMate Catalyst, and it's often made by people who have not experienced this product. We provide a 6 months money back guarantee that you will be satisfied, and you owe to yourself to give it a try. Don't listen to people who have nothing better to do than po-po stuff they don't understand.


You can make up your own mind and take the challenge to try one.


Some of our customers were skeptical, but the facts speak for themselves. Fuelmate does deliver, but it's important to have the right sized unit for your engine and it MUST be fitted properly so that the engine vibration will deliver the "TIN" dosage to the fuel stream.

Call Harry on 0412 399 553 or speak with Brad on 0404 490 604;


Get the facts from someone who has one fitted... They are our very best advertisement!!



Toyota SR-5 with aftermarket turbo getting best protection from a Fuelmate

Early Model BMW with PR12 Fuelmate Catalyst

Best Protection and no Valve wear with a Fuelmate Catalyst

V6 Commodore


Extra Details on some Car Installs....
Would you like:- Better behaviour, cleaner running and longer engine life from your vehicle...
All these things, as well as, better economy can be achieved by fitting a FuelMate Catalyst..   
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Holden Camira with PR12S Fuelmate

Honda Civic with PR4 Fuelmate

This engine fitted with PR10 Fuelmate

I was able to attend a meeting with members of the Mountain Cruizers Car Club in Lithgow in May 2016, and they seemed to be suitably impressed, with one of their members "Gazza" coming to the workshop the day after and getting a PR18 for himself. Looking forward to Gazza letting the rest know how good it's been on his pride and joy. Working within the confines of the car club where good things and products are shared is a beaut environment. I was encouraged by how many questions were delivered on the night, about how the Fuelmate works and how we were able to answer concerns about warranty on new cars.  Thanks to President Paul and the committee for allowing me to showcase the Fuelmate and also the INTERJECT fuel system chemicals on the night.        


I am always interested to speak and present at car club meetings, or special functions to help promote these fantastic Fuelmate, "TIN" fuel catalysts, as they are the very best product that we have been involved in over the years... Imagine Better Performance and Economy but most importantly the very best anti-wear that has ever been possible. Give me a call 0412 399 553 to organise me to come to your meeting!


Harry says that "TIN Fuel Catalysts and especially FUELMATE is the best engine protection Product to come along in my Automotive Career" and given that we get better Performance as well as Economy, Fuelmate is a real winner
Harry also says, "You should try one on your engine, and see why it is so good, especially with the 6 month money back guarantee, as you really have nothing to loose but everything to gain!!"

Used PR22 on Andrewes Meat's Toyota Hi-Ace van due to heavy loads transporting meat.

Toyota Hi-Ace Van of Anrewes Meats

V6 Pajero

          Low Sulphur diesel causes wear problems due to less Lubricity, and it is supposed to be great for the environment?, but we are finding extra wear in injection pumps not seen previously. We have a way of creating fantastic extra life in any engine, by fitting a Fuelmate. call us to experience the difference.

Used PR10 on this Six Cyl. Nissan

Used PR14 on this Toyota Prado, but PR18 recommended for Towing.

PR18 tucked into the engine bay of this small diesel truck


Used PR22 on this V6 due to heavy duty towing.

Used PR18 on this Landcruiser 6 cyl.

Toyota Surf with after market turbo and PR22 Fuelmate

Fitted PR14 to this Hot Rod V8 engine used as a wedding car.

All these Installations show the importance of all FuelMate Catalysts being installed 
in line with the crankshaft, to ensure best tin release, due to engine vibration.